Morgan State University Receives the Largest Donation in Its History from Retired UPS Executive Calvin E. Tyler Jr.

Source: Morgan State University Receives the Largest Donation in Its History from Retired UPS Executive Calvin E. Tyler Jr.


Throwback Video: POV = Success

It’s Not You, It’s (Always) Me

Currently, I am not in the network or affiliate marketing industry; however, I’m still optimistic that it is the industry that can help most people get out of the situations they seem to be facing nowadays

…but it’s is also contingent on how the interpersonal relationships are established and developed over the course of the business..

It’s simply a matter of perspective:

I hadn’t realize how crucial this one thing was until I was able to build as a husband and father first…

My personal relationships are a direct impact to the professional rapports that are necessary in succeeding in business

If you or someone that you know is struggling (regardless for how long) in establishing and maintaining a presence where your market knows, likes, and trusts you…

…it doesn’t matter the industry, product, or service: you will not get any further in the your ambition

Here’s another way Team Lyde looks at it:

 While It’s Simple, It’s Not Easy

The transition for you to possibly form this habit, as say is about 21 days

however, one of the things  has to be understood is the fact that while you grow and develop as a professional…

…you must gain momentum in order to see the fruits of your labor

You quit…

…you momentum

You slack off… momentum lost

You jump from one company to next… you get the picture


There will be times where your goal to be successful with XYZ company is not mutually beneficial; but this is where your clarity in purpose comes in…

Knowing how you will achieve your goals without having committed to a team, concept, or idea first is perhaps the most efficient way in which your ROI will pay dividends

See You At The Top,


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How You Show This… Matters!

Watch This And Determine Where You Are Right Now

As much as I usually try to help people become more motivated through my own stories of growth

…I must admit that I still sometimes struggle with the limits that other people have for themselves

Meaning, I am less sympathetic to their #excuses for why they may be questioning the greatness inside of them…

and I come off as being either callous or offensive; this is not my intention, but rather my direct way of saying that whatever it is you’re looking for…

…whatever you think you may need my opinion on…

is bull$#!@ when you honestly have everything you may possibly need to…

simply BE the best You you can be!

Am I saying that I or anyone else you may be looking to for guidance is not competent in what it is we do (e.g. my purpose is to educate more people academically for be more financially and socially literate)?


But in a world of instant gratification, social media, and reality t.v…

…the sad news is that far too many people justify why external drivers are more important than those intrinsic values of etiquette, moral character, hard work, and sacrifice…

depending on the idealism of entitlement; that is, they would rather have someone else (outside of themselves) tell them that being complacent, lazy, or conniving is the shortest (and easiest) path to their so-called success

Here’s another example by Eric Thomas:

My Warning To You In 2016

Before you cast judgement on whether or not someone can say or show you some way to become successful by your perspective…

…you need to look within in order to comprehend that what you may be searching for is already dormant inside of you

Despite how many times you’ve fallen short…

If you’re reading this, you haven’t failed… yet

So refocus and see yourself as worthy of success, without anyone’s approval

You’ve got this ☺️



Phillip L Lyde, MBA, M.Ed

“The Prosperous Rhinoceros”

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How Is It You’re Not Doing This?

I Haven’t Forgotten About You

It’s been a while, as I’ve been preparing for some big changes during this new year so far…

I don’t want to get too heavy into it until I begin this upcoming week, but I wanted to first say that I appreciate everyone taking the time in reading, sharing, and commenting on my posts…

…both on my personal blog here or on social media

Thank you ☺️


Keeping Up With Your Self- Never Mind Anyone Else

According to Miyamoto Musashi, author of the Book of Five Rings, he states that

“All men are the same except for their belief in their own selves, regardless of what others may think of them”

In understanding this fundamental, yet challenging principle…

many people (including entrepreneurs) seem to think that once they’ve reached a certain level of significance…

or “success“, if you will…

They no longer have the same internal drives that got them to that place…

In fact, they become slack on their daily routine when they perceive that their life is good

Why is that?

At no point in time, should you (if you’re serious about living your dreams everyday) take a break from achieving that purpose…

Too many people stay in dysfunctional relationships, business plans, or simply old ideologies…

…because they’re more concerned about the external acceptance than loving and believing in themselves that THEY ARE ALREADY A SUCCESS- NOW IT’S TIME TO SHOW THE WORLD!!!

Here’s what I mean:

From my own experience, many of my shortcomings came from the fact that whenever it became convenient for anything I was attaining, I no longer sought out that adrenaline rush of the process

It’s like when people try to work out: if they do not continuously strive in becoming better
(as part of the process), versus comparing themselves to others…

sooner or later, they may begin to feel a certain level of disappointment where the process might not be enough in keeping them committed

What You Need To DO Right Now

You already have the tools that can make you overcome any of the areas of lack that’s keeping you from reaching the next threshold of your success

Do not allow anyone else’s perspective to limit your abilities, especially your drive to be the best you you can be…

As someone who simply has a passion of researching, sharing, and developing educational systems, I can tell you that one of the things I’ve realized is the fact that if I stop learning within my scope of purpose…

…if I try to copy or imitate other people’s path to success, regardless of what the culture is (e.g. do what everyone else is doing in the next 30-90 days, etc.)…

I’ll continue to get frustrated; whereas, if I incorporate many of the tested and true principles of the leaders I learn from, while developing the necessary interpersonal relationships with other similarly-minded professionals…

I can will become the leader I am destined to be, period!

Guess what? You’re perhaps even more inclined of doing so faster, depending on your circumstance and your ability to drive on (so do it) 😁

See You At The Top,



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When Does A Lion Run Fastest?

The Answer Is Simple

Actor Salmon Khan says it best:

“A lion runs the fastest when he is hungry”

Think about this for a second…

Yesterday (25 December 2015), most people celebrated the Christmas holiday, and for that brief moment…

…the sacrifices, hard work, and dedication throughout the year seemed to be in suspension

however, it is NOW at this exact time that your ability to achieve your highest level of success is possible

…because NOW you realize that if you aren’t:

  • tired
  • complacent, or
  • dead…

NOW is the time where your drive to become better, more successful…

…can be realized sooner than you think

Stay Hungry & Prove Them Wrong

Watch this with the mindset that this is you as you go into 2016:

I was told once that because of my formal education and job…

…I was limiting my opportunity to grow because I had on “golden handcuffs”

and they were right!

Not because I didn’t want to grow (most people want more in life)…

…I didn’t see a value to constant growth as a professional

You see, I don’t mind learning from leaders in various paradigms  that have assisted me exponentially over the years personally; but I had grown tired of only being credible as an educator

I AM a RHINO, and a pretty d@#% good leader at that!

I recently thought of what my end game was (before I didn’t really have one), and it’s this:

To be one of the premier educational system of progressive learning that helps people to recognize and adapt to the changes that exist in the current oppressive trends of socioeconomic, academic, and cultural learning environments, in order to reestablish a personal and collective identity for future generations to develop subsequent experiences of love, truth, peace, freedom, and justice.

Here’s What You Need To Do ASAP!

As we move into 2016, it is important that you consider what you’ve been doing or not doing towards achieving success…

…and move in the opposite direction of the masses

With today’s social media, it’s easier to want to popular than to develop genuine interpersonal relationships with others; however, if your initial drives (motivation) is preventing you from getting to the next level, then it’s time to reconsider some of your daily practices

There’s only five more days that you can determine how your new year will be, based on how comfortable you feel you are right now…

You don’t really need anyone to tell you that, but if you intend on making the necessary changes to your lifestyle…

…stay hungry, and keep your vision/cause in immediate focus!

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See You At The Top,










Phillip L Lyde, MBA, M.Ed

“The Prosperous Rhinoceros”

Take Back Main Street

16 Years Can Ruin This… SMH

We Sometimes Don’t Want To Do This, Even If Someone Begs

Check out this video we did a while back:

Today marks my 16th wedding anniversary to my beautiful wife, Melissa Grady-Lyde

…however, when I was looking over some of the videos we had did together (as Team Lyde), I realize that not a lot has changed in experiencing some of the same relationship issues from three years ago

In fact, the only way we’re able to get past these nuances in life, is because we have to commit a form of suicide, if you will…

…that stresses the need to mature based on some non-material trait, on a consistent basis

Here’s what I mean: as perhaps with most marriages, Melissa and I were not automatically in love with one another…

We loved each other, sure; but we didn’t love ourselves enough to reflect that selflessness that’s required, which…

…led to our learning curve being more than what it should have been (e.g. physical, emotional, verbal trauma)

I can remember when we had to actually have a seat, as it was starting to physically take its toll

I can remember telling my wife that we needed to make a decision as to whether or not it was worth staying together for the sake of convenience…

…or, are there specific characteristics we could work on together, in order for us to grow the h#!! up?

It took quite a bit of talking, cursing, and crying…

…but realized that dying was perhaps the best way in managing this

That moment of clarity changed the way in which we now have moved forward over the years…

…and this happened when we had already invested about eight years into the marriage

Why Marriage Is Suicide 

You see, the saying that the only thing that’s constant in the universe is change not only applies in professional rapports, but personal areas as well

…and change is good when you realize your role in marriage and relationships

My point of views had to change in order for me to grow and fall in love with my wife, and vice-versa

I had to take action and accept the fact that it is an honor and privilege (not a right) to be able to live your dreams everyday with…

…your soulmate

…your best friend

…your rib

How To Commit Suicide For The Benefit Of Your Marriage and Relationships

In staying with the suicide analogy, it is important to note that whenever someone decides that they are committed to you holistically (physically, spiritually, emotionally)…

…they have invested some part (if not all) of themselves to you- this is why Melissa is considered my “better half”

Think about this for a moment: no one is perfect, but those characteristics can be made whole with that other person

This is why it’s essential for you to discard your old Self, in order to move forward with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to comes over time…

…as you prepare to live your dreams everyday from the expectation of serving first

In truth, I’ve simply become better at recognizing myself more because of Melissa, and wouldn’t change a thing about these last 16 years.

Thank You Mrs. Melissa Grady-Lyde,

This Law Has Changed The Way You Live Your Dreams Everyday: MUST READ

Love your husband 🙂




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10 Best Motivational Business Books for Entrepreneurs If you’re an entrepreneur, you know what this article is really about.  It’s about “what 10 books should I have on my bookshelf.”  It can’t possibly be about “what 10 books I need to read” because no entrepreneur has time to read ten books! That being said, if

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